8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Pleased to make contact again after more years than either of us would care to reflect upon, I am sure. I will have to peruse your blogs to help with the catching up.
    Jim N – Rockridge, Oakland, CA

    • Thanks, Jim, for checking the blog out. Stay tuned. My novel “Tell No Lies” will be coming out in October, with events in the Bay Area to herald its arrival. All to be announced on the blog. Barbara

    • Oh, Kathie, so wonderful to realize you said this. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I think of you often, and want to see you if you are still in the Bay Area. Let me know?

  2. Barbara,
    Eric and I found this piece gripping and well written. The photos added to the vitality .
    We admire your courage.
    I was expecting a happy ending, though.

    • Hmmm. I guess I thought the ending was a bit happy–the energy to go forward with the subject matter. Imagine the energy it takes, though, to go forward with life on that island…

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