My novella, “The Lowest Form of Animal Life,” has been published in a literary fiction magazine, The Long Story XII @ p.69.

“Tell No Lies,” my novel about of three radical activists–a black fugitive, a farmworker organizer and a Berkeley feminist–who get caught in a love triangle during the largest Cesar Chavez march in history, is ready for publication.

“Helpless Love,” my second novel, is in progress.

I have also published nonfiction, e.g. re my experience in Haiti during the earthquake in Counterpunch, and poetry, “On Climbing Mt. Ritter” and “Himalaya,” in Voices from a 21st Century Synagogue, edited by Lenore Weiss.


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    • Hi Alice–I hope this means you could read the “The Lowest Form of Animal Life” easily by clicking on it under “literature.” I like that story, but I think the translation from the literary journal to the computer screen is a bit difficult to access. Anyhow, if you want more now there’s a whole novel easily downloaded at tellnoliesnovel.com Thanks!

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