1. Wish we cou ld have gone to the rally too. Thanks for going and representing millions of others
    who just wanted it to happen, but could not go themselves! Jackie and Sharon

    • I am heartened by the responses I have received to this post about the demonstration. A Board Member of the Union of Concerned scientists, for example, has sent me an e-mail saying that the American public has finally caught, and that we are in the midst of a sea change of opinion like that on gay marriage. While damage has been done, he states, a response is coming! The Senate, he says, is the body that needs the most public pressure.

  2. Barbara, Thanks for sharing your experience. You’ll be happy to hear that there was a good-sized Kehilla contingent at the rally in SF. And you are very welcome to rejoin the Greening Committee any time. We are working on some big projects as part of the Oakland Climate Action Coalition.

    • Kehilla Community Synagogue’s commitment on this issue has been unwavering. It is the small groups that, one day soon, will add up to a huge response. Thanks, Beth, for your hard work.

  3. good for you Barbara. definitely THE issue for the next xxx years. discouraging to read that latest Field poll shows less people are concerned than a few years ago, still 2/3 but discouraging nonetheless. how can the message be reframed so it becomes everybody’s issue?

    • Ah, but public opinion is changing as we speak. Worth catching Thomas Friedman in March 10th, 2013, NYT Sunday Review, re “No to Keystone. Yes to Crazy.” By “crazy,” he means he hopes McKibben et al (you and me?) will go crazy with protests and civil disobedience if and when Obama approves Keystone, so we get something BIG in exchange. The tide is turning on this issue–it’s just a question of whether the change will be soon enough.

  4. I can remember 40 years ago when Pete Seeger said, “Let’s clean up the Hudson River” and all of us so-called radicals said whatsa matter with Pete, he giving up da fight?! How prescient he was. Hand-in-hand we must fight on. Stop the drones! Stop fracking! The school system here in NYC makes me cry. Unions are being crushed. But if we all stick together, it won’t take long… shorter hours, better working conditions, vacations with pay, take your kids to the seashore (we are several seashores short here in Brooklyn).

  5. Glad you are on board with this also! I enjoyed participating with the 350 group and many others on Feb 17 here in San Diego. Even our new Democratic Mayor addressed us.
    Mary Borevitz, President, Lake San Marcos Democratic Club, San Marcos, CA

    • The word is spreading, and the deniers are on the run. The trouble is, there is so much darned money to be made with fossil fuels, and the technology is more invasive than ever. But natural gas is partly a good thing, since it generates fewer emissions than oil. Better yet? Renewables! Thanks for your comment, Mary.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, nephew D. Did you check out the pix and their captions? That was what took up the most time and work, but now I know how to do it! AND, each one matches something in the text!

  6. Barbara,

    Thanks for doing this. Great pics and stories. I decided to save the carbon emissions, and collect signatures on a petition to block fracking in Massachusetts. Keep up the good work.


    • Hi Wayne–didn’t see this before. Will now “Manage Comments” better, since apparently some have slipped by. Have you read the latest by Bill McKibben in “The Rolling Stone?” He tells us that the movement re climate change is wide and deep and local and decentralized and growing every day. To me, your comment reflects that.

  7. Many thanks for your thoughtful email. I’m so glad that you were able to take part in the gathering. I so hope that Obama is courageous and makes the right decision.

    • Ah, Rabbi Burt, how difficult this issue is as a spiritual matter, at least for me. I want to be old and tired and rest on my laurels and enjoy what’s left of nature, BUT I am haunted, and often sad, on behalf of my children and grandchild (soon to be two). Thank you for your comment, and years of spiritual leadership which never leaves out the political…

  8. Your account made me realize I have to get busy again, stirring up awareness that this is OUR TIME to stand up for the earth against greed. Even the Sierra CLub is breaking precedent and planning civil disobedience. Thanks for reminding me the fight is on now, not tomorrow. Good for you for going to D.C.

    • Oh, Joan, your comment is music to my ears. The fact that my piece has reached and activated others is my fondest desire for this writing business. Let’s go commit civil disobedience if Obama has the nerve to okay Keystone, and make him have to give us, and the world, something big on climate change in return!

  9. Thanks Barbara, Every emotion-laden step forward is important. I’m so glad you were there and talking to everyone you met! The problem isn’t in the future, it is now..

    • Kirsten, you and Global Exchange are in the forefront of so many issues, and you always include the environmental aspect front and center. Let’s all get out there for McKibben when he calls for direct action, which is going to happen soon!

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